Học bổng toàn phần sau đại học của đại học Oxford, 2017

Học bổng toàn phần sau đại học của đại học Oxford, 2017
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Đại học Oxford mở đơn học bổng Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld & Hoffmann và chương trình lãnh đạo cho sinh viên quốc tế. Chương trình này dành cho các nước đang phát triển như châu Phi, Chây Á, và Nam Mỹ
Thông tin học bổng

Bậc học: Sau đại học 

Ngành học: Các ngành học bên dưới

List of Subjects: MSc in African Studies, Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL), MPhil in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management, MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management  MPhil in Comparative Social Policy, MSc in Comparative Social Policy, MSc in Computer Science, MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies, MPhil in Development Studies, MPhil in Economics, MSc in Economics for Development, MPhil in Environmental Change and Management, MSc in Environmental Change and Management, MPhil in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation, MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation,  MSc in Financial Economics, MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy, MSc in Global Health Science, MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine, MPhil in International Relations, MPhil in Latin American Studies, MSc in Latin American Studies, MSc in Law and Finance, Magister Juris (MJur), Master of Business Administration (MBA), MSc in Mathematical and Computational Finance, MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing, MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science, MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies, MSc Modern South Asian Studies, MPhil in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance, MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance, MPhil in Politics (Comparative Government), MPhil in Politics (Political Theory), MSc in Politics Research, Master of Public Policy (MPP), MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, MSc in Social Science of the Internet, MSc in Statistical Science, MPhil in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, MPhil in Traditional East Asia, MPhil in Water Science, Policy and Management and  MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management.

Scholarship Award: The scholarship will cover 100% of University and college fees and a grant for living costs (of at least £14,296). Awards are made for the full duration of your fee liability for the agreed course.

Scholarship can be taken in the UK


  • Students must be applying to start a new graduate course at Oxford.
  • Students should be intending to return to your country of ordinary residence once your course is completed. Students currently at Oxford are not eligible to apply unless they are already Weidenfeld-Hoffmann scholars.
  • The Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld Scholarships and Leadership Programme targets future leaders pursuing diverse careers with a focus on improving food security and sustainability. Successful applicants must demonstrate that, following their academic studies at Oxford, they are committed to serving the global community through their chosen field of work, including but not limited to: the agricultural industry, development areas, politics and/or law related to food security and/or sustainable agriculture, health care, environmental and water management, economic, public and foreign policy.
  • Students should be able to demonstrate a connection between your subject of study and your longer-term career objectives, explaining how you see your professional work contributing to the improvement of public life in your country of origin or at a wider regional or international level. This scholarship seeks to support individuals who, following completion of their supported studies, will go on to actively engage in the chosen fields.

Nationality: International students can apply for Oxford University Scholarships.


College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: Applicants should have their previous degree.

English Language Requirement: Candidates whose first language is not English or who have not studied at an English-speaking university are required to take either the TOEFL or IELTS tests.


How to Apply:

  • In order to be considered for this scholarship, students must select the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme in the University of Oxford Scholarships section of the University’s graduate application form and submit an application for graduate study by the relevant January deadline.
  • Students must also complete a Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships Questionnaire and upload it, together with the graduate application form, by the deadline.

University will use the details you insert in the ‘Nationality and ordinary residence’ section of the graduate application form to assess your country of ordinary residence.

  • To be eligible for consideration for this scholarship, applicants must be successful in being offered a place on their course after consideration of applications received by the relevant January deadline for the course. Course applications which are held over after the January deadline to be re-evaluated against applications received by the March deadline or course applications which have been put on a waiting list are not eligible for scholarship consideration.

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Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 20/01/2017

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